My Week In Pictures!

Let's face it, we all enjoy a little voyeurisme from time to time. I know I do! It's fun to take a peek inside the life of a stranger. I guess It's so intriguing because there are simply no two lives alike. We're all on our own unique path, our unique journey. And eventhough you are comfortable with the seeds you have planted so far, It's still interesting to peek over de fence and see what the neighbors are growing. Most of the time you'll find the confirmation that the flowers you chose were indeed the right pick for you. And sometimes you might get inspired to make a change here or there. But... I'm rambling on again. Let's get down to business! Here's my week in pictures!

Monday - Visiting a fashion expo during my lunchbreak. Here's a gorgeous piece by Jean Paul Gaultier. Love it! Great way to get away from it all. It's just something you need when you make nine hour workdays!

Tuesday -  Meeting a friend for drinks after work. Celebrating the fact that I'm now officially on summerbreak! Yay! It was so incredibly hot that it actually resulted in a some sort of tropical storm later that evening. There was so much water on the road that the car infront of me actually got flooded and broke down! The driver had to push the car out of the water, and needless to say, I decided to make a U-turn and make a run for my money! I wasn't in the mood to canoe my way home!

Wednesday - Enjoying a lovely summer afternoon in our own backyard and taking some pictures of my lovely little model. Look at her sitting on her own like a boss! So proud of her!

Thursday - Going on a shopping trip and buying some lovely items at Primark (Penneys)! This was my first time ever shopping there and I loved it! How cute are those little baby tights? I foresee a lot more shopping trips to Primark in the future! :)

Friday - Eating ice-cream at the local summer fair. The beginning of a well needed night out on the town. Moms gone wild! Haha!

Saturday - Charlotte passed out in her carseat after an (apparently exhausting) afternoon at a friend's barbecue party. And yes, that's a yoga mat on the right. I keep it in my livingroom so that I can see it and feel guilty about not using it. Women are strange like that. Let's eat some more ice-cream!

Sunday - Driving home at sunset after having dinner with friends. Charlotte is asleep is the back of the car, as usual. She's such an easy baby. How I love to live away from the city. I love the scenery out here. A wonderful end to a perfect evening, and a wonderful end to my week in pictures. See you soon!


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