Eight Months - Baby Update!

Charlotte is 8 months today! So it's about time for another baby update! So many things have changed the last couple of weeks. She's becoming so incredibly independent and she doesn't really need me for much anymore. She can entertain herself for long periods of time. She's also very mobile and can get where she wants to go all by herself now. I'm only there to make the food and clean diapers basically. Oh, and to give
hugs and kisses of course! :)

Weight & Height
According to last week's check-up, Charlotte weighs 16 pounds and 1 ounce. Not too shabby I think! And she is now 25,2 inches tall! She's still in her 3-6 month clothes. That may seem small, but Charlotte is pretty slim. Bigger clothes are simply too wide for her. All her fall/winter clothing is a size up though, so she will be moving into those soon!

Charlotte is on 3 meals a day, two small snacks and two bottles of formula. I have absolutely no idea how that happened! When we first introduced solids we got off at such a rocky start. There were times when I thought she'd be bottlefed forever! But things have really taken a turn! We start off at six a.m. with some oatmeal and a couple of sips of water. Around ten a.m. it's time for a snack. She gets a biscuit and some fruit flavored tea.We're using white tea with raspberry flavor at the moment. At around eleven a.m. it's time for the first bottle of the day. Around two p.m. it's time for lunch, which mostly consists of pureed fruits. At around four p.m. it's time for her second bottle. Two hours later it's time for dinner. Sometimes she eats what we eat (after throwing it in the blender) and sometimes she gets preproduced babyfood from a jar. We try to vary as much as possible. She eats chicken, fish, meat, veggies, patato, rice and pasta. Everything basically. At half past seven in the evening we wrap up with some yoghurt and water.

We decided to not introduce a sippy cup, but getting Charlotte used to drinking from a regular cup as soon as possible. We use a nosey cup for the transition. It's easier to drink from a cup like this because so she can tilt her cup a little bit more without knocking the cup against her nose. It comes in alot of different colors, but we had to get a pink one obviously! It looks like this:

Like I mentioned before, Charlotte is becoming so incredibly mobile! Sometimes she's really faster than lightning! She is not really crawling yet, she moves more like a tiger stalking it's prey. She loves to go out exploring. Doors are particularly interesting. She tries to open cabinets and doors all the time. She also loves to pull herself up. She can sit up by herself and can sit for a long period of time while playing with her toys. She also tried to do her first steps along the couch, but is still pretty much failing at that. But she's trying! She's making alot of different sounds and noises and we start to recognize some words in them. She's always been a very social baby, but now she's also making fysical contact. At last week's check-up she was actually lying on the changing mat holding the hand of the baby next to her. So cute! She loves to hold on to people and pull them closer. Unfortunately she's also a bit of a biter. She only has two bottom teeth, but those are sharp enough to leave a mark!

Well, that's all that comes to mind right now. See you later!



Snail Trail!

This is how I found Charlotte's crib this morning. It looks like she had company from a snail on steroids last night. There are trails everywhere! But no, this wasn't the work of a snail. This is the work of a baby with a cold. Yes.... snot!

Poor baby, there is so much snot her pacifier is pretty much glued to her face. And as you can see, that's a very sad thing! :(

We've all been feeling a bit under the weather the last few days. The temperature has been dropping quite rapidly and it's so rainy! Summer is finally coming to an end. It caught me of guard somehow. It's been nice for such a long time now, I kind of got the impression summer was going to last forever. But all good things must come to an end I guess.

Luckily for me my new winter coat arrived in the mail yesterday! Yay! I absolutely love it. And eventhough I'm not a winter person, I do look forward to wearing it! It's a navy trenchcoat by Vila that buttons up to the chin. I'm not a fan of wearing bulky winter scarfs, so with this coat I can put off wearing winter scarfs until I absolutely have to.

The winter gear I got for Charlotte is also super cute! This fuzzy little A-line trench was a gift from my mom, and I picked up these cute mittens and alpino hat from H&M to go along with it. She's going to be such a cute little winter bunny!

So we just have to get through this nasty transition weather, and we'll be just fine in our new warm winter stuff!


Just One Of Those Days...

If anything, the life of a working mom has purpose. There is always something to do, plan or think of. But every once in a while you come across a day that just isn't as productive as you originally had in mind. And today was one of those days. I'm not good at having an off day. I feel pretty miserable when I don't get alot of stuff done. But the only thing I seem to have accomplished today was buying a mango. This mango to be exact:

And I only got out of the house because that was an absolute necessity. We don't get to make alot of our own babyfood due to the fact we both work full-time. This means Charlotte eats alot of preproduced babyfood from the store. So on my day off I make it my mission to feed her fresh foods. Charlotte is a bit of a picky eater, but throwing some mango in the mix always seems to do the trick. So I absolutely had to get out and get one.

When we got home it was actually really nice out, so we spent the afternoon hanging out in the back yard. Charlotte was playing in her walktrainer, which I picked up during my lunch break a couple of weeks ago. Not a great idea when it comes in a huge box and your car is parked a couple of miles away. I had sore arm muscles for days! But she really seems to like it, so it was worth it! :)

A couple of weeks ago I also bought a new camera and I've been wanting to try it out for some time now. So i decided to shoot some pictures of Charlotte playing in the yard. I'm pretty pleased with the result. We also picked up a new laptop this week so I tried out uploading some pictures as well. As you can see I did figure out how it works eventually, but Windows 8 is definitely not what I'm used to... not sure if we'll ever be best friends.

I enjoyed looking at Charlotte play for a while. She's such a funny bunny. I love the fact that every once in a while she'll look up from whatever she's doing and give me a little smile. Just a brief moment where she stops what she's doing to connect with me. Those little moments are so precious to me. But in the end her curiosity got the best of her. Bye mom! I love you, but now I'm off the explorer the rest of the world! And there she goes...