Rediscovered & Repurposed- Hidden Treasure!

Yes, we've all been there. We all remember buying that cute little item on a whim that ended up in the back of a closet somewhere without ever being used. It's just something that happens every once in a while. You get seduced by a great deal, a cute color or a fun shopping trip you just don't want to end. And that's exactly what happened to me when I bought this little wallet over 5 years ago. In all honesty, I knew from the start this wasn't a very practical wallet. First of all it's way too small and it doesn't have a zipper compartment for coins. And I'm really a full blown wallet kind of girl anyway. But I convinced myself that I would get a coinpurse to go along with it and that it would do just fine. Yeah, right!

Now I picked up a new bag about two months ago and since it only has one big compartment, I was constantly struggling to find my keys. I decided I needed a big chuncky keychain. That's when I remembered this wallet and that I would actually love something like that as a keychain. So I took a nail and decided to heat it up with a lighter and poke a hole on one side of the wallet. I then collected a couple of keyrings and attached them to the wallet and voila! I had just the kind of keychain I was looking for! And yes, it did take this genius 5 years to come up with this briliant idea, haha! 

Now since it originally started off as a wallet, it comes with a couple of handy perks. It's a keychain with a couple of cardslots and a compartment to store those daily essentials in. It already has all my keys on it, but it can also hold my access card for work and some debet- or creditcards. Which is so handy when you just want to run out of the house for a quick errand. I got everthing I need in this little thing and I absolutely love it! It works so much better as a keychain than it ever could as a wallet!

So it got me wondering, could there be more hidden treasure awaiting a new goal in life? Could I turn that huge knitted sweater into a cool infinity scarf? Can I take those cute flower applications from my daughters headbands and turn them into cute broches for her blazers and jackets? Have you ever succesfully rediscovered and repurposed anything? I would love to hear your ideas!



What I got for mother's day!

Well, I'm back! It's been a while since my last post. When I started this blog, I never really thought about the direction I wanted to take it. It was just a way to document my first clumsy attempts at this new thing called motherhood. But I'm at a different place now. I'm not a rooky anymore. So I though about the purpose of this blog and if it shouldn't turn into something more than just a mommy blog. But as you can tell, I've been pretty indecisive about it all. But that doesn't mean I didn't think about blogging, I do so all the time! Truth of the matter is, I love writing these little pieces, whether I'm going somewhere with it or not.

So I'll just continue down this road and stray from the mommy stuf here and there. Just the next chapter if you will. Eventhough being a mommy is still a huge part of my life and I love my little nugget to pieces! So there will still be plenty of mommy stuff to go around! 

In the meanwhile I thought I'd share the goodies I got for Mother's day. I got this lovely little painting Charlotte made at the daycare centre and this lovely fragrance by Lacoste. I love it! Last week was actually the first time in my adult life I actually ran out of perfume! I always had plenty of bottles on my dresser and there was a time I even matched the fragrance to the outfit I was wearing that day. Oh, how things have changed! Haha! But this fragrance is perfect for spring and summer, so I don't really need anything else at the moment. I hope everyone had a wonderfull mother's day as well! See you soon! :)