Life in May!

Let's try something new this week! I don't actually get to share as much as I would like to on this little blog of mine. I have a pretty busy life and updating this blog more than just a few times a month just isn't going to happen. But I do have more than enough material. I take pictures of everything! So I thought it would be fun to look back on this past month by sharing some of the pictures I took with my IPhone. Just to walk you through what I've been up to lately. So this is what life in May looked like!

05/02/2015 - I decided to check out a new store that was just opening up in town and I picked up a new perfume there. Luckily for me it happened to be the grand opening of the store and I was one of the first 50 customers. I recieved an awsome goodie bag with my purchase, including a ton of samples, a full sized showergel and a cosmetics purse from Tommy Hilfiger. Score!

5/5/2015 - Charlotte found a very comfortable little spot on the couch to 'read' one of her favorite books. Meanwhile she was also keeping an eye on her daddy. He was outside doing some well needed work in our garden.  

5/10/2015 - Obviously this post had to include some sort of nature picture. I am a nature junkie after all. I love the sun peeking through the trees here. Summer is upon us my friends! 

5/15/2015 - Charlotte checking out the view from a store while visiting Amsterdam. She was kind of mesmerized by this building in particular. I believe it's called the New Church and it's on the Dam Square. 

05/15/2015 - Smittened by this little purse that I picked up at the LV store in Amsterdam. I'm getting more and more comfortable visiting stores like this one. I used to think they were so intimidating and that everyone in the store would think I wasn't good enough to shop there. But I had a very nice girl helping me with my purchase, so that definitely helped! 

05/22/2015 - Attending the wedding of a good friend of mine. It was held at this beautiful castle and the couple suprised the guests with a full tour of the property. This is a picture of the window in the master bedroom.
05/22/2015 - Another picture of the wedding location. It was such a perfect day. I am so happy for the couple and I really think they had the time of their lives that day. 

05/24/2015 - After the wedding we headed to Germany. We met up with my father-in-law and his girlfriend and we visited a 'Tierpark'. In case you are wondering, that is pretty much a small zoo. It was fun because they hadn't seen Charlotte in months so it was nice for her to spend some time with her grandfather and grandmother. Charlotte is checking out a prairie dog with her dad in this picture. 

05/24/2015 - Charlotte feeding an Alpaca at the 'Tierpark'. Atleast I think it's Alpaca... It could have been a funky looking llama. They were really friendly though and we weren't spit upon. So that is always a bonus. 

05/29/2015 - Treating myself to a caramel latte macchiato iced coffee during my lunch break. I do work so I had to include some sort of work related picture in this post. It wasn't all fun and games this month!  

So this is what the past month looked like for me! I hope you all had a lovely month as well! Take care and see you soon!


A little bit of lace!

I'm joining the creative closet linkup once again this week! Interesting because this weeks prompt is about lace, which isn't my thing...at all! I like it on others, but I just don't like how it looks on me. But I guess I can survive a little bit of lace every one in a while. I picked up a top with two lace side panels a couple of weeks ago. I decided to get it because it was on sale and I was planning on wearing it underneath a blazer, so I thought nobody would see the lace anyway. But since the top is a little longer than most of my blazers, a little lace is visible. So yeah, a little bit of lace!

I paired the top with my pink blazer by Only and my dark blue velvet pants by Esprit. The pose is a bit odd, but I had very little time taking pictures of this outfit. I wore it to a wedding last weekend, and getting out of the door on time with a toddler is a challenge on it self. 

Accessories! I wore my Mini Phantom watch by Guess, my pink bow bracelet by Mulberry and a pair
of heart shaped earrings. I also carried my new mini pochette by Louis Vuitton. I attached a chain I got off Ebay to wear it as a crossbody during the day, and I took the chain off in the evening to wear it as a wristlet. Such a cute and versatile little thing! 

I also orded some new dark brown heels to match my mini pochette. I figured I would just wear a pair of heels I already owned, but later realised they were all pretty beaten up already and weren't very suitable to wear to a wedding. So I rushed to get these the day before the wedding. Now it probably isn't the best idea to dance the night away in heels you didn't break in yet, but luckily I survived! :)

So how about you? Do you like to rock a little bit of lace from time to time?


Gnomes, Wild Horses & Sunshine

If you ever scrolled through this little blog of mine, this will come to no suprise to you: I love nature! I love discovering new places and just being in awe by how beautiful this little globe of us can be. I have a pretty complicated and rushed life, but this really helps me wind down and realize what's really important in life. We headed out to our favorite spot last weekend and we were accompanied by my mom and brother. A little family outing. And since I have the compulsive need to take pictures of everything, I have plenty shots of this day to share with you!

Now how cute is this? I always get so excited when I discover little things like this in the woods. It's a little step and a door carved into the bottom of a tree. It looks a little gnome house. I obviously have no idea who was responsible for this, but I think it's absolutely genius! It definitely delivered a smile on my face when I stumbled across it.

We often encouter wild horses on this trail, so I should be used to it by now. But I just can't help myself. I still find it so special to see these beautiful animals roam around in their own habitat. No fences, no owners....just nature. 

My little monkey swinging among the trees and playing with her favorite uncle.  Never mind her little bum peeking out of her skirt. 

How gorgeous is this? Nature as far as the eye (or in this case the camera on my Iphone) can see. I work in (and for) a city that is always crowded, busy and full of traffic. So this is really a very welcome change of scenery. Love it!

But being outside all day sure can make a gal hungry. So I indulged in the most disgustingly delicious pancake ever. It's a mandarin, cointreau, sugar, chocolate, whipped cream and vanilla ice cream pancake. It was awsome, but I don't think it justified the regret I felt afterwards. So yeah, I'll just be eating salads for the rest of the week! Haha!

Too much nature for you? Don't worry! I'm going on another city trip this weekend, so I'll be back next week with pictures of the concrete jungle... and possibly a shopping haul! :)