New Wall Decor!

Well, to be honest it's couch decor right now...but it will go up eventually! I just haven't found the right spot to hang it yet. We did a little photoshoot a couple of weeks ago and we just picked up the result. This picture really stood out for some reason. I guess in my eyes this picture really captured the essence of Charlotte or something. I'm not sure. I just know I really like it!

When we picked up our pictures we actually got a nice suprise! Apparently they held some kind of contest and Charlotte won! Yay! She won a complete photobook with all the pictures from her shoot. Gotta love free stuff! :)



7 Things I Learned During 7 Months Of Parenthood!

The tiny one has turned seven months this week! Eek! I decided this seven month mark would be a great moment to look back on the past seven months and reflect on my first months as a new mom. Here are some things I have learned about being a parent so far!

1. When People Tell You To Pee Under The Shower After You Give Birth, Do It!
Now I never really got this whole pee in the shower thing... until I gave birth myself. Apparently pee and stitches don't go together that well. And I had to learn it the hard way. So I sat there, trying to strangle the doorhandle and venting like an old sailor. It was a true Eureka moment. ALWAYS pee under the shower after giving birth!

2.Babies Don't Smell Like Johnson's Baby Oil!
No, they do not. A baby smells like pee, sour milk, drool and the occasional poopy diaper. You can rub baby oil on your baby all you want, but it won't change the fact that babies are true stinky bums!

3. You Will Pull A Peaces Geldoff!
Well, maybe not to that extend. Maybe you won't bounch your baby off the London pavement, but you will make mistakes. Even the ones you always claimed you would never make once you became a parent. You will forget to feed your baby, you will put a diaper on backwards and you might even let your baby roll off the couch. Luckily for us, babies are very resilient and they will probably be just fine.

4. Pacifiers Come In Different Sizes!
Who knew right? It took me 3 months to figure this one out. Apparently you're not supposed to stuff your tiny newborn with a pacifier that suits a 12 - 18 month old. Astonishing...

5. Moms Cut Their Hair For A Reason!
Ever noticed how a lot of new moms end up cutting their hair short? I always thought they did that because they're lazy and they just couldn't be bothered with maintaining their long manes anymore. Well, now I know. It pretty much comes down to two choices: you cut your hair shorted or you'll be bald. Babies really like to pull your hair out of your head and eat it.

6. Babies Don't Do Baby Farts!
No, they don't. They sound like a construction worker who just had burritos for lunch. You'd never expect a baby to make those kind of sounds, and neither do the people around you. So get ready for alot of awkward moments.

7. You Can Do This!
Yes, you will go completely zombie the first few months of your babies life... But things will get better! You adjust, you learn and before you know it you're an absolute pro at this whole parenting thing! And really, your baby doesn't know any better anyway. To her (or him) you are the best parent she (or he) know. Even on those days you arn't able to find a pair of matching baby socks... even if your life depended on it.



When Breastfeeding Just Doesn't Work Out

When you are preparing for motherhood there are alot of important decisions to be made. Do you continue working? Will you use cloth or disposable diapers? Will you be needing daycare? And yes, are you going to breastfeed? Because I only wanted what was best for my daughter, I decided I was going to breastfeed for the first few months of her life. I must admit I felt a bit icky about the whole concept, but if this was what was best for my child, I was going to commit to it. As simple as that. I figured it would be a completely natural and easy thing to do and I didn't even bother researching it. You just put a baby on your boob and voilá! You're breastfeeding! It didn't even occur to me once that breastfeeding might not be for everyone, and that sometimes it might just not work out as well as you expected it to.

As soon as my daughter was born, I learned that breastfeeding wasn't as self evident as I thought it would be. My daughter was born without a sucking reflex. This sometimes happens with babies that are born prematurely or have a lower birth weight. It isn't unusal, but it does mean you can't start breastfeeding right a way. The baby has to develop a reflex and is being fed with a cup the first few hours or days of life. I also didn't get to see her much right after she was born. She was taken away almost immediately for further examination and was then placed in medium care.

When it was time to really start breastfeeding we came across the second problem. My daughter wasn't able to latch on. We had to start using a nipple shield or nipple hat. Thay might sounds quite festive, but I can assure you it's far from it. It doesn't have tassels or anything. It's just a piece of sillicone with a few holes in it. My daughter still didn't have much sucking power and I didn't produce much milk because of the fact I hadn't been breastfeeding yet.This meant I had to start pumping milk and we had to place a tube with pumped milk under the nipple hat to get my daughter to latch on. Things got loose, things fell off...It wasn't a pretty sight. My daughter got frustrated, I got frustrated.

 It was also very time-consuming. When I wasn't trying to feed my daughter, I was pumping milk. Because my daughter needed to be fed every three hours and milk production was so incredibly slow, I simply didn't get any sleep at all. I was up for 48 hours straight and the pumping made me feel so disgusting. I don't know how woman do it, It's so inhumane! You're already confronted with an imploded saggy eve-costume after giving birth, and now I felt like a cow as well. Throw in some sleep deprivation and some raging hormones and you're ready to sucker punch anyone who dares to tell you to enjoy this precious time with your newborn.

Now if this all wasn't worse enough, I got released from the hospital...on my own. I coudn't bring my daughter home yet because she was still hooked up to an IV. All of a sudden, we were miles apart. We did get hooked up to a babycam so that we could see her when we were at home, but this simply wasn't enough for my boobage. The tiny bit of milk that I was able to produce decreased. It had been such a difficult experience, and I knew right there that things weren't going to be getting better anytime soon. They were getting worse. I was tired, I was frustrated and I was crying. This wasn't at all how I expected my maternity leave to be. I knew i was going back to work full-time, so I really wanted to make the most of it. If I kept going like this, that simply wouldn't be the case. I would end up resenting my child, and I was pretty sure she was going to resent me. So i made the decision to throw the towel in the ring. I gave up.

I felt horrible when I made the decision to stop breastfeeding. What was wrong with me? Why wasn't I able to do what was best for my child? I felt like a complete and utter failure. If I couldn't even get this right, how was I ever going to be fit mom? It wasn't till I openly started talking about my failed attempt at breastfeeding others decided to share their not so positive stories with me as well. Apperantly I wasn't alone. There were even several women in my immediate environment who had struggled with simulair issues.

I really wish those stories would have reached me sooner. I wouldn't have felt like such a poor excuse of a mom. I wouldn't have felt so alone in my struggle. So now I sort of consider it my mission to spread the word. Sometimes breastfeeding just isn't for you. And you know what? That's OKAY!



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Whirlwind Week!

You know how I mentioned I was proud of the fact that Charlotte was sitting up by her self in last week's post? Well, apparently we're over that already. She's now standing! I was so not ready for this. Obviously I knew this day would come eventually. I just didn't expect it to be so soon. Because she was so small when she was born, she could've easily passed for a newborn atleast the first two months of her life. I guess that made it look like things weren't really going THAT fast in the beginning. She also wore her newborn clothes for a very long time. When she was born all of her stuff was way to big for her, but we never got around to buying her preemie stuff. This made it seem like it took her ages to outgrow her first baby stuff. She's still kind of small for her age, but she's developing quite rapidly. She's now about 25 inches tall and weighs 14 pounds. You just don't expect a baby that small to be doing all those things yet.

Besides the standing, also teething happenend this week. Yep, she cut her first tooth. So yes, reality really hit me this week. Before I know it she will be asking for my car keys!