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Backyard Jungle Hunt
Summer school vacations last forever it seems. The kids get bored very quickly and you get tired of watching them glued to cartoons or video games.

Why not make a project of your backyard?

First, find and capture the critters and cut down samples of the jungle growth.

  • Let the little ones pick different plants (just a little leaf sample should do). When they have a “sample,” put each different plant leaf or stem in a separate plastic baggy. It’s a good idea to get the baggies at the dollarstore. There’s no need for the expensive kind.
  • Have the older ones hunt for bugs. They go into a “sample bag” as well.
  • Take time to have a picnic lunch. Even if it is in your own backyard, it will feel like a field trip.
  • After lunch, have your older children look up each type of plant and insect on the Internet to try to identify them.
  • The fourth or sixth-grader, for example, can write a short report on each sample found, gluing the sample on the page of the report.
  • Finally, with everyone’s help, make a scrapbook of your expedition. You can all make your own covering pages with cardboard, paint and crayons — anything you can think of to make your scrapbook special.

A little creativity can save money, save on credit card payments and you will all have fun doing it. It’s a safe bet that your children will remember this fun-filled day for a very long time.



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