Charlotte's 30 month update!

Today I am officially the mom of a 2,5 year old. WOW! I can't believe we'll be starting looking at preschools after the summer. I miss my little baby, but this is also a very fun age! We talk, we play and we laugh so much. She's a real commedian and she brings so much joy to our lives. I decided to to another update to look back on the last couple of months and see how she's doing. So here we go! 

Height & Weight
We haven't had a any check-ups lately, so I have no idea what her exact weight and height is at the moment. I am guess she's about 34 inches tall and about 24 - 25 pounds. I don't this she has grown so much over the last 6 months. She still wears size 4+ nappies, shoe size 7 and fits into 24 month clothing. 

Her speech has developed so much over the last couple of months. She's always been a pretty good talker, but we do notice an increase in difficulty in the words she uses. She suprises us constantly with new words and sentences like 'Can you get me my musical instruments?' and 'I am such a commedian!' She also suprised us with the fact that she can now count beyond ten. We didn't even start practicing with that yet. The potty is also becoming more and more interesting. She uses the potty a couple of times a day now for peepies and poopies. But she isn't fully potty trained yet. We'll probably start taking it up a notch during the summer vacation. We'll see how it goes, there is no rush. She is also refining her motorskills and her visual perceptual skills. She loves puzzles and she's getting pretty good at making them. She now makes puzzles consisting of 12 - 16 pieces.

Likes & Dislikes
We experienced a heat wave recently. and that meant we had to take the pool out for some refreshment. Charlotte loved it! If it would have been up to her she would have spend the entire week in that pool. I let her pick out a toy for in the pool and she picked an inflatable crocodile. They have been BFF's since day one! It's been great! Besides that Charlotte has become completly obsessed with books. She takes them everywhere and we are not allowed to leave the house without taking atleast one of them with us. She even sleeps with 5 books in her bed at night. That can't be comfortable, but she refuses to go to sleep without them. She also loves singing, dancing and often takes out my yoga mat for the downward facing dog. She's also getting more and more into movies. Her favorite movie is Disney's Frozen. She dislikes being told no and she's awfully scared of mascots at amusement parks. Which should be fun considering the fact that we're going to Disneyland in a couple of weeks, haha! 

 Well that was it for today. I hope you all have a lovely weekend! 


Wing It Out!

Let's try something new this week! A couple of weeks ago I came across a post from Jaelan @ Making Mrs. M introducing a new beauty link-up: the makeup mix-up. I loved the idea and was certain I would join in sometime. And since this week's prompt is right up my alley, I decided that time was now!

This week is all about winged eyeliner, and that happens to be something that is part of my daily makeup routine. It does have to be work appropriate, so that means I need to keep it subtle. Here's a shot of the entire makeup look.

And here's a close up of the wing. I have tried many different eyeliners over the last couple of years, but I finally found one that I decided to stick to for a while. I never get eyeliners to last me more than a couple of weeks since they seem to dry out so incredibly fast. A co-worker of mine suggested the L'oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim and that one has been holding up like a pro! I've been using it for 3 months staight now, and that is a personal record. So if you're looking for a great liner for your wings, I dearly recommend this one! Do you love eyeliner as much as I do? If so, what is your personal favorite? 

Check out www.makingmrsm.com & www.mirandawritesblog.com for more winged eyeliner looks!