Whirlwind Week!

You know how I mentioned I was proud of the fact that Charlotte was sitting up by her self in last week's post? Well, apparently we're over that already. She's now standing! I was so not ready for this. Obviously I knew this day would come eventually. I just didn't expect it to be so soon. Because she was so small when she was born, she could've easily passed for a newborn atleast the first two months of her life. I guess that made it look like things weren't really going THAT fast in the beginning. She also wore her newborn clothes for a very long time. When she was born all of her stuff was way to big for her, but we never got around to buying her preemie stuff. This made it seem like it took her ages to outgrow her first baby stuff. She's still kind of small for her age, but she's developing quite rapidly. She's now about 25 inches tall and weighs 14 pounds. You just don't expect a baby that small to be doing all those things yet.

Besides the standing, also teething happenend this week. Yep, she cut her first tooth. So yes, reality really hit me this week. Before I know it she will be asking for my car keys!

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