The Mommy Uniform!

There is one thing all moms eventually succumb to: The Mommy Uniform. We have all seen the generation before us rock the mom jeans and probably convinced ourselfs we would never give in to such a thing. Well we have...or will. And while the stained sweatpants will most likely be the weapon of choice for the stay at home mom, us working mommies have to be a little more discreet about it.

Now something as magical as The Mommy Uniform doesn’t just happen overnight. It’s a process. Let me walk you through it. Once the baby has arrived you will notice a change in your body, which makes your old clothes just not as comfortable as they used to were. You’ll learn that stretchy material is really your best friend. After some unfortunate accidents, you'll also learn that these tiny spit or poo mishaps can be a complete disaster for your more fancy kind of fabrics. So at this point you have learned that stretchy denim and cotton are really your best choice. Well, atleast for now and the first few years to come. 

By the time you are ready to leave the house you’ll notice carrying a baby-filled carseat in one hand and a fully stuffed changing bag in the other one is something that requires quite some balance and steadiness. Slowly, but surely, you’ll start questioning your dedication to your high-heeled shoes. You’ll start searching your closet for an alternative, and chances are you'll find some long lost friends in the back of it. All of a sudden, they really start making sense again! UGGS! Congratulation, you've just finished your first steps towards creating The Mommy Uniform.  

When you’re ready to go back to work, you will have to find something to cover up the accidental spit (and sometimes poo) stains on your t-shirts and find a way to look somewhat representable. You'll need to find a way to quickly dress up or down The Mommy Uniform to make it suitable for your work- and homelife. This is where the jacket comes in. It’s an instant dresser upper and you can hang it near the door and grab it on your way out. You can pretty much have it at a safe distance from your little vomit- and poofactory at all times. Luckily i already owned quite the collection of jackets since they also make a great maternity piece. Now let's visualize!

Here's The Mommy Uniform! As you can see it's just jeans and a t-shirt basically, paired with a scarf and some earrings. I chose a dark-washed chino by Esprit because its just as comfy and versatile as any pair of jeans, but they are just a tad more office friendly than regular ones. I dressed it up a bit with aforementioned jacket (by Vila btw, I absolutely love their jackets!), grey ballerina flats and a grey shoulderbag. Ready for the office!

And this is how you dress it down. I removed the jacket, ballerina's and shoulderbag and replaced them by some comfy Uggs (or birkenstocks if the weather allows it) and a Little Company LTC PopUp changing bag. That's it! Ready to run errands, clean, do laundry and drag a baby around town.

By now you've probably come to realize this all sounds very familiar to you and that yes... you are also guilty of The Mommy Uniform! Don't be embarrased about it, just rock it and make it work for you!


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