12 month update!

As I mentioned in my previous post, Charlotte is one year old! Unfortunetly things didn't really go as planned, but Charlotte is doing really well now! She got released from the hospital and we're working on her recovery at home. She is expected to make a full recovery! Yay! :) Here are some pictures from her would a have been party. Now it's not going to waste completely. We're planning a small celebration next weekend. We're actually celebrating her birthday on my original due date now. I thought that was cute!

I just love these personalized thank you gifts we had made for her! They are small bags of M&M with the text 'Charlotte 1 year!' and a picture of our little nugget. I used this service by M&M's for the hubby's 30th birthday, and I thought it would be a cute for this occasion as well! We also used these as a gift for the daycare personnel.

Since I don't believe in sweets for small children, we bought these educational sesamestreet booklets to give away to the kids. We wrapped them in a purple ribbon and a cute little purple name tag to match!

Weight and Height
Charlotte is such a big girl now. She weighs 18,5 pounds! I have no idea how tall she is though. They weren't able to measure her during the last check-up. She threw a tantrum and would not cooperate. She definitely has a mind of her own!

Clothing Sizes
Charlotte is still wearing her 9 to 12 month clothing and still wears a size 3 - 4 nappies. She already has plenty of clothes to get through the winter and spring so we started shopping for next summer and winter already. I'm begging the hubby to take us to the designer outlet soon for some serious retail therapy! I love those little designer clothes, but I don't like paying the full price for them since they grow out of them so fast at this age. So some outlet shopping would be just perfect for us! Hopefully I'll be able to do a haul soon!

Charlotte can eat just about anything. We don't have to chop things up anymore, she can handle big chunks just fine. Drinking is also getting a bit better. She can now drink on her own from a small cup, which definitely helps her fluid intake!

Charlotte started walking! It started about a week before her first birthday, and she looks so big and grown up doing it! She's not a pro yet, but she's starting to become really good at balancing and making turns and stuff. I know walking before the first birthday may sound fast, but to us it took ages! Charlotte started standing and getting mobile so fast, that we were absolutely sure that she'd already be walking at around her 11th month, so having to wait for almost en entire month really seemed forever! She also learned alot of new words and she can point out several objects and name them. She also loves to clap her hands and climb the couch and she's really into mimicking what we do. She holds her phone to her ear and pretends to talk on the phone. So cute!



A not so happy first birthday!

Our little monkey turned one yesterday! Yay! I've been planning her party forever and planned on doing a grand blog post about it today. We organised a pink monkey themed birthday party for Charlotte and invited tons of friends and family to share this special day with us. I've been so busy with planning and decorating the last couple of weeks that I didn't even have time to blog! But unfortunetely things didn't turn out as planned. Charlotte was admitted to the hospital on her birthday with respiratory problems. Her oxygen levels were so low that she needed to be hooked up to a machine for some extra oxygen.  Medicine alone didn't relieve her enough. We had to cancel her party and have been in the hospital ever since. We hope she'll get released on Monday and that we can manage her problems at home. But for now, it's still very uncertain!

 I'll probably still post some pictures of what her birthday party would have looked like. It all looked so beautiful and I would hate to see it all go to waste.  Who knows, you might get some inspiration out of it! Now people told me that the first birthday is the most memorable one, and that I wouldn't forget this day very soon. Well, I can definitely say they were right! This was a birthday we're going to remember for the rest of our lives!



December favorites - gifts and gets!

First of all, happy new year everyone! I can't believe it's January already! Things have been so crazy during the holidays that I didn't even notice that I haven't blogged for two whole weeks! The holidays have been wonderful here, and I hope everyone has made some wonderful lasting memories over the last couple of weeks.

Not only was it the time to share with the people we care about, It's also the season of retail therapy. I'm not a crazy shopaholic, I only purchase items that I have given alot of thought and I know that we'll get a great use out of. But December is the month I let loose a little. I wanted to share some of our favorites gifts and gets. If you have any birthdays or parties coming up soon, there might be some useful ideas in this blogpost!


I got a Sonic Clean face cleansing brush, a fragrance by Lacoste called Joy of Pink and the Christmas album 'Funny Looking Angels' by Smith&Burrows. The album is amazing, I'll probably still be listening to it in March! Really, buy it and thank me next year! :) The fragrance is really nice as well. It's fresh, flowery and girly and that's just right up my alley. The face cleansing brush wasn't my first choice initially. I was planning on getting a clarisonic, but decided I wasn't going to spend that kind of money on something I wasn't even sure I was going to use for a longer period of time. If this is really something I'll really end up loving I can always upgrade to a more expensive one. But in the meantime, this one seems to work just fine and I have been using it daily.


Daddy actually brought up the fact that he's not a part of this blog at all, and he did have a point there. So I thought I'd share his gifts as well! Daddy got a Jack Daniel's giftset (I love the packaging!), a black leather Samsonite wallet, a Bruno Banani fragrange and Levi's boxers. All black and manly stuff! I think it's so difficult to shop for him (any man actually) but I think we've done okay this year. He seemed to like his presents! The Jack Daniel's didn't even make it to 2014! Haha!


Charlotte's presents are definitely color themed! She got a babywalker, a baby laptop (both by vtech baby) and a princess magic mirror book. I know there is alot of criticism out there about gender marketing, so alot of you will probably think we're doing something terribly wrong by getting her these items. But you know what? I absolutely loved pretty pink toys when I was little and I dont want to deny by daughter that. Besides, I think I turned out just fine. You can be a strong and independent woman and still like your pinks!

And last but not least, I got another car! Yay! But you probably already figured that one out from the picture on the top of this blogpost. Now this wasn't a Christmas gift, but I did buy it in the month December, so I thought I'd throw this one in anyway. I love it! It's a tiny beige Nissan Micra. I think it's a really cute car and since I'm always struggling with parking, the smaller the car the better!

Well, that was the end of 2013. I'm really excited to see what 2014 will bring! Take care!