We're going to Disneyland Paris!

Exciting things are happening! Like I mentioned in a previous post Vacation Part Deux! our 2014 summer vacation went a little different than expected. Charlotte got very ill and was hospitalized. And eventhough the people we booked our vacation with were very understanding and we were able to postpone our vacation a little, we weren't able to do all the things we had planned. We had to take it easy due to Charlotte's health and we were also very tired from spending an entire week in the hospital with our very sick little princess. Nothing is more nerve-racking than having to worry about your kid being okay! So I was hoping we would be able to go back this year and visit Disneyland Paris and see the Eiffel Tower. So I've been going back and forth the last couple of months to see if this was going to be a possibilty for us. And it is! I booked our summer vacation this week, and we're going back to France! And I am really excited about sharing this experience on this blog. How awsome that I happen to have this little space of internet to document, preserve and share these kind of wonderful experiences. It is going to be amazeballs! :)

So how about you? What are your plans for this summer? 


OOTD - My favorite denim!

I'm a jeans kinda gal, no doubt about it! I have the tendency to dress beyond my years, so a good pair of jeans keeps my outfits a little bit more suitable for my age. It's my last shred of youth, haha! This is the pair of jeans I pull out of the closet on my day off. They are the Vila Cleavo Slim Fit jeans in black and they are so incredibly comfortable! They are absolutely ideal for running errands, visiting the petting zoo and having fun at the playground. And if you ask my daughter, she'll probably tell you that they are also fab for wiping snotty noses on. Maybe that's why like them them so much. They remind me of the moments where life is just...life.

I paired them with a really casual and comfy outfit. I'm wearing a white flowy top by Only, a pink cardigan by NafNaf, brown ballerina's by Pier One and a brown drawstring bag by Burberry. Oh, and as you can probably tell... I still haven't mastered this whole selfie thing yet. So pardon the blurriness. I will get there eventually.

Armcandy! I'm wearing my Guess mini phantom watch as always and I paired it with my pandora bracelet. I don't wear this bracelet a whole lot anymore, but it is still very special to me. It had charms representing a lot of important moments in my life. My graduation, buying my first home, the birth of my kiddo and so on!

And I'm ending this post with a little detail picture of my cardigan and top. I am a sucker for a cute little detail, so I just couldn't resist! :)

I am joining the creative closet linkup again this week! So check out all the other looks for this prompt! See you soon!


Spring has sprung!

I am not much of a winter person. So when the first signs of spring start to show I get really, really excited. Because I make pretty long hours at work, winter always makes me feel like a zombie. I go to work when it's dark and I get home when it's dark. And not experiencing any daylight just does something to a person. So I love the days getting longer and being able to spend more time outdoors with my family. Enjoying nature and being active is just something that makes me feel alive and happy. And that beats zombie every single time! So we jumped at the opportunity to enjoy the first signs of spring. Here are some of my favorite shots of the day! 

So, are you just as excited about spring as I am?


OOTD - Blazer and Accessories!!

Hello there! Today I'm doing something different and something that it completely out of my comfort zone. I am joining the creative closet linkup with an outfit post! I have been following these linkups from the moment they started, and I always thought it was such a clever idea! I am also one of those people who has a closet full of stuff and never anything to wear. So picking a theme and going inside my own wardrobe to style an outfit around it would make a good exercise for me.

 I always told myself I would join one of these linkups one day. And than I saw this prompt pop up. I am completely blazer obsessed, so I knew it was now or never. If I didn't have the guts to join this one, I knew I would chicken out forever. So here I am, with a picture I took myself before going out for a lunch date and with a tantrum throwing toddler infront of me on the floor. My life is so glamorous, Haha! But let's get back on track here. I went for the most basic outfit ever (jeans, a white tank top and heels) and dressed it up with a blazer and a few of my favorite acccesories. So let's have a look! 

The blazer is the Only Sanne Blazer in the color Dusty Pink I believe. I got it 3 years ago when I was pregnant with Charlotte. I love the color, but the material is really thick and stiff, so that it's not always the most comfortable piece to wear. For work it's absolutely fine, but for crawling over the floor with a toddler there are definitely other pieces I prefer!

Can we just acknowledge the fact that this picture looks complely blog worthy? Yes? Good! :) These these are definitely my favorite accessories to date! The watch is the Guess Mini Phantom in silver/rosé and the bracelet is the Mulberry Bow bracelet in pink. I wear these two items every single day. The bag is my favorite bag for the summer and when I'm not out with my daughter (so that pretty much means I take it with me to work during the summer months). During the winter I prefer a bag that stands rain and snow a little bit more than this one. The leather stains pretty easily. My daughter drooled on it in the first week I got it, and the stain is still visible. But that just brings character to the bag right? :) It's the Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 in Damier Azur by the way.

The scarf is the Mulberry Tamara scarf in the color oak. I purchased it last december and it's my absolute favorite scarf at the moment. It just instantly upgrades any look. Everything just looks a little more fancy when you pair it with a Mulberry scarf.  It does crinkle up a bit though, so I 'm still figuring out what to do with that. I am not supposed to iron it, but if the crinkles keep bothering it, I might just give the good 'ol iron a try anyway. 

And than the rest of the outfit. The jeans are the Esprit EDC Slim Low Rise Jeans in the color cinder blue. I really love these jeans, I actually own them in a couple of different colors. They just fit my body type really well and they feel very comfortable on. The shoes I got on sale about two years ago. They were ridiculously cheap for good quality all leather shoes. I think they were the last pair and I ended up paying 20 bucks for them. They are by the brand Linea Zeta and they are very comfortable. I could walk for miles in these. And the last item (not shown in picture) is a plain white tanktop by H&M.

So, are you just as blazer obsessed as I am?


The look for less - my favorite makeup dupes!

I love makeup just as much as the next girl, but when you get older your priorities do seem to shift a little. And when you're dealing with mortgage payments, day care bills and health insurance, spending a lot of money on a new eye shadow just doesn't always seem logical. But that doesn't mean I don't like to doll up anymore. It just means I got a little smarter about it and figured out how to get the same look for less. So let me share my favorite makeup dupes with you!

W7 In The Nude Palette - Perfect dupe for Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

I love this Palette... and it shows! I got this for my birthday 1,5 years ago and I've been using it for my every day look ever since. I'm really into nudes and rosé and I have been for a while now. This palette is really all I need to make a great look for me. It has highlighters, shimmers and darker colors. The colors are also well pigmented and they blend quite easily. I really think it looks alot like the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette. So much that I actually passed on the opportunity to pick that palette up when I was in London last December. This palette is so good and they are so much alike that I simply didn't feel like I needed it anymore. You can get this palette through amazon.com if you're interested! Oh, and you can actually get it for 10 bucks. Great deal, huh?

H&M Lipstick/Liploss in Nougat Rose - Perfect dupe for Mac Lipglass in Fashion Punch

I knew H&M had a makeup line, but that didn't interest me one bit to be honest. But when I ended up at a fashion party and these babies were lying around for just 1 buck, I just couldn't resist. It looked very pretty with it's rosé gold packaging. So even if I would just end up with a pretty looking lipstick in my purse, I was just going to give it a try. It's a lipstick/ lipgloss combination and it has a dark nude matte lipstick and a bit of a peachy lipgloss. Because I'm not really a matte kinda gall, I decided to wear the lipstick with the lipgloss on top of it. When I looked in the mirror, I realised I had seen this look before. It looked alot like the Mac lipglass Fashion Punch! A very good dupe! It's not my daily favorite, but I do carry it around in my purse and use it from time to time. And that's way more than I expected out of this one. So check out H&M for their makeup line, they might suprise you!

So, do you have any dupe secrets to share? I would love to hear them!