London Shopping Haul!

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I purchased some cute items on my trip to London. And let's be honest, every girl needs a little shopping time now and then! So I thought I would share these with you. And who knows, I might give you some idea's for your next wishlist! :)

Large Longchamp Le Pliage Tote in Navy

I love this bag! But I did my research on this one, so I knew I would! I've been carrying it pretty much non stop since I got it. I carried it to work, to the playground, to the grocery store... I love how I can stuff my entire universe in here and i can still reach down and find my lipgloss. It doesn't have different compartements, but somehow everything just sits neatly in a row and it's still very organized. I guess it's just the perfect shape and size or something. I also love the simplicity of the bag. It just looks so neat and pretty! And the price! It was really affordable for a bag! In matter of fact, chances are this is actually the cheapest bag I own! 

Essie Fiji Nail Polish

I'm a big fan of Essie nail polishes and this color has been on my to get list since last summer. Somehow I just hadn't been able to get my hands on it yet since it always seemed to be sold out or simply not in the assortiment. So I was absolutely thrilled to find it on this trip and I just had to get it. Now granted, this is probably more of a summer shade, but I just couldn't wait. Me and Charlotte are both rocking some fiji nails right now!

Mulberry Tamara Scarf in Oak

Yes, there she is! Isn't she gorgeous? I am absolutely in love with this scarf and I have been wearing it almost daily since I got it. I have been obsessed by this scarf for months, so I am so happy I can finally enjoy it. I got it at the Mulberry store at the airport, so I could buy it duty free. I'm a sucker for any deal that can save me a couple of bucks. I love the feel of the scarf and I love that it goes with practicaly everything! Downside however is that it isn't machine washable. I am used to throwing my scarves in the laundry and this one has to be professionaly dry cleaned. A bit of a bummer, but I guess I'll survive a trip to the dry cleaner every once in a while. 

My First Harrods Kitten

I was planning on getting the festive Jasper Bear, but Charlotte didn't want anything to do with him unfortunetely. She did however drag this kitten around the store and practictly made out with it (drool and snot included). So that was it for poor old Jasper...

Steps Classy Blouse in Pink

Now Technically I didn't get this in London, I got it a couple of days later, but I thought it was so cute that I decided to throw it in here. It's a lovely pale pink blouse with long sleeves which will be lovely for spring! Yes, we just had the first snow here and I'm already preparing for spring. I'm so not a winter person! Haha!

So, that was the last post of 2014! I hope everyone will have a lovely new years eve! See you in 2015!


London, baby!

What better place than London to go and do your Chistmas shopping, right? So I was really excited to hop on a plane and cross this one of my bucket list! It was a very exciting trip because it was Charlotte's first time traveling by plane and we had absolutely no idea what to expect! But it all went very smoothly and it really was the perfect time for her first flight. Since she's still under two she could sit on my lap and we didn't have to pay for an extra seat just for her. And that definitely saved us some serious money! She loved seeing all the planes fly by and was really excited to be in one herself!

We stayed at the Shakespeare and Dolphins hotel near Hyde Park. The building was absolutely gorgeous but the interieur was a bit dated. But I kind of expected that from a hotel in London, so that was okay. We didn't end up spending much time at the hotel anyway. Hyde Park was absolutely fantastic around this time of year. A Winter Wonderland was organized there and it was great for getting into the Christmas spirit. We had all the hot chocolate we could ever need right at arms length. We also ended up enjoying a traditional English afternoon tea at the park.

We had a couple of days of shopping, going out to dinner and some serious sight-seeing. We visited Harrods, Oxford Street, The Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, The Tower Bridge and Picadilly Circus.We also had dinner at one of Jamie Oliver's restaurants. The food was great and Charlotte couldn't get enough of her little pasta dish! It was so cute!

And then it was time to fly back home again! Due to the stormy weather the flight home was a bit unpleasant. But we all made it home safely, and that's the most important thing. We had a lovely time in London and I hope we'll be able to visit again someday.I purchased some lovely items on this trip, but I'll show you in a seperate haul post soon. So if you could choose any place in the world, where would you like to go Christmas shopping?