Oui, Oui... Paris!

Unfortunatly my summer holiday is coming to an end... But not before I share some pictures of out summer holiday in Paris! We had a great time and the weather was actually pretty okay too! I was a bit worried about safety issues, since there have been some terrorist attacks in France recently. But luckily we didn't notice much of that at all. The only thing that was a bit intimidating was the military security at one of the bigger train station in Paris. Army men with big automatic weapons...that's just a sight I am not very used to and probably never will be.

Charlotte kicking a ball at the vacation park we stayed at. This park was called 'Le Chene Gris' in Pommeuse and it was very close to Disneyland and the city of Paris. It was also very kid friendly. There was an animation team for the little ones, lagune pools, mini disco and different playgrounds. Charlotte had the most wonderful time there! The caravan we stayed in was perfect. It had a little porch and it was clean and tidy. It had everything we needed. A very comfortable way of doing some family camping!

Obviously we had to visit Disneyland! We started our vacation with some cloudy weather, and we decided that would be perfect for visiting the park and that we would safe the 'sunnier' days for other activities. I was really excited about showing Charlotte the 'It's a small world' ride, but unfortunately it was closed for maintenance. That was a bit of a bummer. But it didn't stop us from making the best of it!

Anna and Elsa! We're in a Frozen fase right now, so it was very magical to see the characters in 'real life'.

Riding the tea cups...and loving it!

Turned out a lot of the attractions at Fantasyland were quite scary. Especially the Snowwhite ride (it was really dark and it had a scary looking witch that seemed to pop up everywhere). Charlotte would even end up sleeping in our bed that night because she had some scary dreams about it. She kept telling us she wasn't scared though, but as a parent you just know. So we decided to take it easy with this little boat ride around different fairytales and a simulair train ride. Very cute and laid back attractions for all ages!  

The most magical of the day was definitely the parade! We got to wave at all our favorite Disney characters and the parade ended with the big mouse himself!

Charlotte infront of the Eiffel Tower! 

A close up of the detailing...absolutely gorgeous! I had no idea how much detail went into building this thing. Obviously I've seen a lot of pictures of the Tower in the past but I never noticed this. That's really why you need to go see this thing in real life. It's much prettier than you think!

This is the view of the Notre Dame from the little terras we decided to sit down for our lunch. I ordered a plain cappuccino that I paid 6 bucks for...that was the second most expensive plain cappuccino I ever had! But the view was worth it. The most I spend on a plain cappuccino was at Harrods London. That sucker cost me 8 bucks! Speaking of London, I might go back there this year!

We got a metro pass that allowed us to travel all through Paris. You kind of need that because all the big highlights are actually very far apart. Paris is a big city! The Metro system kind of reminded me of the one in London. It's actually very simulair and as easy to use! I snapped a piture of this cute old little entrance sign at one of the Metro stations...I believe this is the one at Cité...How cute is this?

Charlotte playing in the pool at the vacation park. We saved the sunnier days for activities like these!

Well, that was it! Where did you spend your summer vacation? And if you're also getting back to work next week...good luck to you!

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