Back in London!

So...did I ever mention I love London? If I ever had to leave my hometown for some reason, this is the city I would want to move to. I don't know what it is, but visiting London always feels like coming home for me. This time I visited the city with a friend of mine. It turned out to be an amazing and completely stress free trip. As a parent you are so used to having your kiddo around that you completely forget what it was like to just enjoy a good cup of coffee and a scone without attending to someone else's needs all the time. But that beeing said...I did miss my little terror! :)

Bye France! We actually travelled to France and took the boat to England from there. We saw a refugee camp there with Syrian refugees. That was quite impressive to see. And it defintely made me realise how lucky I am to be travellling through for an entire different reason. 

You can't travel without a little caffeine! Enjoying some Starbucks coffee while enjoying the view. 

The famous white cliffs of Dover. I had never seen these before, so that was kind of cool! We arrived in England around sunset, so the ride to our hotel was amazing. I loved the English scenery! 

Chilling at Hyde Park. Because that's just something you do when you're in London. It's mandatory. 

The Marble Arch!

A Disney store on Oxford Street! I can't believe I didn't notice that the last time I was there! I obviously had to go in and pick up a present for Charlotte. It was so hard picking just one thing though. They had so many cute toys! 

London by night! You can see the London Eye in the background. We also did a night tour around the city to see all the famous hotspots, but my phone battery died. But if you're interested in that sort of thing, check out the blogpost from my London trip from last December: London, Baby! :) 

We also visited a new town. Well, it was new to us. The town itself is actually medieval, haha! We visited Canterbury! 
Enjoying some carrot cake and a cappuccino at the town square. This is the life my friends! But after our visit to Canterbury it was time to head home again. It was a long way home, but it was definitely worth it. London is always worth it. ;)

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