The Makeup Mix-Up | Summer Lippy!

To some summer will probably stand for bright colored eye makeup and lipsticks, but for me it's all about minimalizing. We don't have normal summer weather over here. It's either extremely cold and wet or incredibly hot. And there's nothing I hate more than having my makeup melt off my face. Well... there's probably something I hate more, but you understand what I mean. When it's hot and summery out I like to keep my makeup light and simple. Like this lipbalm from Superdrug for example! It has a little bit of color to it and it smells like strawberry! Love it!

I combined this lipbalm with some BB Dream Fresh tinted moisterizer by Maybelline, All Matt Plus Shine Control powder by Catrice Cosmetics, Alabaster Pink base and Cocao Shimmer contour shadow on my eyelids and the Rich Chocolate Brown liner shadow for my eyebrows (all from the Big Beautiful Eye Palette by Benefit), Lash Princess mascara by Essence and to finish it off some Bronze Block by Sleek. Here is the complete look:

(And yes, I am a horrible selfie taker)

This week I'm joining the Makeup Mix-Up link up again. Check out http://makingmrsm.com/ and http://www.mirandawritesblog.com/ for more looks from this week's prompt!

So, what is your go to makeup for the summer?


  1. What a nice wash of color. I love that you took this in the direction of minimalism. I definitely like to sport my nice, moisturized lips in the summer. This looks like a nice balm.

  2. Such a great purse staple!


  3. Swinging over from the Makeup Mixup link up! I'm with you - in the summer I like to keep makeup minimal and do tinted lip balms instead of heavy lip sticks. I love the color your balm gave you! Such a pretty tint!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea