Vacation with the girls!!

I don't know about you, but I'm in a vacation state of mind! Summer vacation is still a couple of weeks away, but luckily I had a mini vacation planned with a friend of mine and our three little diva's. And oh my, going on vacation with three little girls is just crazy! It was fun, it was wild, it was hectic and it sure was hot! It's been a while since I experienced 95 degrees out, so it definitely took some getting used to again! Throw three little energy explosion in the mix to run around after and you have a trip to remember! Haha!

95 degrees obviously meant a lot of swimming! Charlotte loved this little water spray thingy. So much that she now actually loves to takes showers! She always took baths before this trip because she was terrified of the water falling down on her head. This fun little thing definitely changed that!

We stayed at a vacation park that had a lot of activities for kids, which was a lot of fun for the girls! One of our favorite activities was face painting! Charlotte chose to be a butterfly and it was such a fun experience! If you have a little girl and you have the opportunity do get her face painted, go for it! Charlotte couldn't stop pretending to fly. She BECAME the butterfly! Haha! She looked at herself in the mirror for such a long time that she eventually had to make place for the girl that got her face painted after her. It was adorable to see!

The park also had a small petting zoo which is always a lot of fun! Charlotte loves animals and she loves to be around them. Unfortunately I have pretty bad allergies, so that makes pets pretty much impossible in our household. So we love to jump at the oppertunity to cuddle us some sheep and bunnies!

We had a few wonderful days together. But at the end of each day I just had to sit down and get me a proper coffee! I...NEEDED..IT!

So how about you? Are you already on your summer vacation countdown?

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