Charlotte's 24 Month Update!

Since my little Miss Mischief turned two recently, I thought it would be the perfect time for an update post! I've done quite a few of these in the past two years, and this one will probably be the last one. No need for baby updates when your child isn't actually a baby anymore...*cries hysterically*.

Height en weight
We had a doctors appointment just a few days ago, so she just got weighed and measured. How convenient is that, huh? Charlotte is now 23 pounds and 34 inches tall. She still wears size 4 (sometimes 4+) nappies and fits into 24 month clothing. She grew out of ALOT of outfits the last few months, so that means alot of shopping and putting new outfits together.

Charlotte has been doing well lately! After being hospitalized 3 times in 18 months time, we're kind of done with hospitals anyway.She is still on daily medication to keep her bronchial tubes protected from infections, but other than that she's doing really good! She's running around with the energy of ten!

The last few months have been crazy! She suprises me everyday with everything she knows and understands. She can speak in full sentences now and she can count to ten. She can even use her counting skills in everyday live.  'No mommy, I want two cookies!'.  She can also express how she feels. She can tell us when she's sad or when she's angry. Which is really helpful in guiding her through these emotions. It makes communicating with her so much easier. She can also draw like there's no tomorrow. She can make all kinds of different shapes and scribbles. which makes me believe her fine motorskills are also developing like they should.

Likes & Dislikes
She's really into play pretend lately. She likes to act out everything she sees us do. She's in her little play kitching making pancakes or putting her dolls to bed. And when she's not doing that she loves to play together. And she's so persuasive that she she manages to get the entire family on all fours. Haha! As far as food goes, she loves cookies, fruit and pancakes. She can be a bit of a picky  vegetable eating. Oh, and she definitely does not like to be made fun of. She'll cross her arms, put on her angry face and tell you that it's 'not funny'. Which I'm pretty sure she picked up from Peppa Pig. Oh yeah, did I mention she really likes Peppa Pig?

Well, that's it for today! I hope you all had a lovely Sunday. See you later!

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