Shopping in Amsterdam!

Happy new year everyone! I started the new year off with a short shopping trip to Amsterdam. I didn't take a lot of pictures unfortunately. I guess I'm still a pretty big noob at this whole blogging thing... But I decided to still share this. So here we go! 

The trip began at Starbucks! I had a delicious caramel latte! In my opinion every day should start like this... But unfortunately I live in a very small town and the nearest Starbucks in almost an hour away. So that detour would be a bit excessive! After visiting Starbucks we hit the centre of Amsterdam for shopping and some delicious lunch!

 I bought some really cute items, especially at the Bijenkorf! They have the cutest little designer clothes and accesories for the little nuggets. I bought a cute blue Tommy Hilfiger sweater for Charlotte and a baby pink Ralph Lauren bear for friends that recently found out the gender of the baby they are expecting. I love how they wrapped the present!

But I couldn't leave without getting a little something for myself of course! I bought a lovely pink bow bracelet by Mulberry to go with the Mulberry scarf I bought in London! How cute is this bracelet? And it was one sale! Yay! :) I actually had to go back to the store to pick up a second one. Apparently a friend of mine was eying the same bracelet, so when she heard I bought one she asked me to pick one up for her as well. They must have thought I was some sort of crazy lady at the store! Haha! But that is it for all the fun and games. Tomorrow it's back to work for me again. Earning money instead of spending it! To everyone who is also starting work again tomorrow, I hope the alarm won't hurt too much in the morning! Toodles!


  1. Don't you just love shopping trips?! :) That bow bracelet is super cute! Great find!

  2. It must of been so cool to visit Amsterdam! Really like the bow bracelet you picked up, love wearing little details like this.