Birthday Party!

I can't believe it, my little munchkin turned two today! So that obviously had to be celebratated with alot of delicious treats, presents and pink decorations! :) She was so much more aware of her birthday than she was last year. Not to mention Charlotte was hospitalized on her first birthday, so this is actually the first birthday we got to celebrate at home with friends and family. We're very thankful for that! There is nothing better than having your child home with you and in good health. That's all that matters, really! Here's a look at Charlotte's little birthday bash!

Me with the gorgeous bithday girl. She gets prettier by the day! But she's also the coolest chick I know! She's really everything I wished for, The past two years were definitely the best years of my life!

Because every birthday girl needs a cake! We went for a pink fairy princess one. It was absolutely delicious and I thought it looked very cute!

Presents! Charlotte got showered with gifts. Everyone was so generous! And you could see there really went some thought into the gifts she got. Eventhough I don't think bringing gifts is necessary, we do appreciate it very much!

Treats for her friends at the daycare centre. We went for some squeezy fruits with some custom made wrappers. No need for super unhealthy treats! And also some pink organza bags with mints for the daycare workers.

I hope everyone had a lovely Sunday! See you soon!

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