My favorite kind of day...

Everyone once in a while you come across a day that is just...perfect. The weather is good, everyone is feeling healthy and you just have an overall feeling of carefreeness and hapiness. You may not know this about me, but I absolutely love nature. Being outside and walking or hiking with my family really makes me feel so incredible happy. I love that Charlotte is getting at that age where she can actually already walk a couple of miles on her own. And when her little legs do get too tired to carry on, there are always daddies shoulder sit on.And of course big bonus point for it being a Sunday.

But eventhough the weather was good, you can definitely tell winter is near. And when you've been out in chilly weather all day, there is no better way to warm up again than with a nice hot cup of coffee. In this case one with cinnamon syrup and whipped cream...yum!

When we got back home I took a shower and got to dress up for the evening. I put on my favorite outfit, shoes and handbag and headed out for sushi with friends. Ending the day as carefree as I started it by not having to worry about grocery shopping or fixing dinner. And yes, those are french fries. We had french fries with our sushi... Because that is just how free spirited we were today! I hope you all had a lovely Sunday!

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