organic & guilt-free banana chocolate pancakes!

What the fudge, right? A second food post in a week! But I can assure you that I have a really good reason for this. I got hit with a really bad sinus infection this week and it got so bad I had to call in sick today. So I figured I needed to eat good and get me some proteine. And that's where these pancakes came in! And since they were majorly delicious as well, I wanted to share them in this quick update. You know, before crawling up the stairs again and collapsing on my bedroom floor.

These pancakes are really easy and quick to make and you only need a few simple ingredients. All you need are two organic eggs, an organic banana, a small table spoon of high quality organic cocao and a tiny drip of olive oil. 

You throw the banana, eggs and cocao in a bowl and mash the ingredients up to make a smooth batter. It helps if you mush up the banana first and than mix the other ingredients into it. You can use a kitchen aid for this, but a fork works just as well. 

Once you have a nice and smooth batter you throw it in the pan and prepare them just like a regular pancake. You use a tiny bit of olive oil for this. I use a ceramic pan, so I could probably pull off not using any oil at all. But I just like it better this way. This batch makes about 4 - 5 pancakes depending on the size. 

And there is the very yummy result! I used some powdered sugar to sweeten them up a little bit more. I thought they were really good, easy to make and hopefully they will help me get my strength back soon! I'm just not the sitting at home being sick type of gal. So, what is your go-to food when you're feeling a bit under the weather?

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