Local Traditions and Festivities!

In two weeks from now we'll be celebration a typical local holiday. We celebrate the birthday of a Catholic bishop that comes to visit us with his helpers and brings gifts for all the children. He usually arrives by boat a couple of weeks in advance to get everyone in the right spirit for the actual holiday. This was today. 

This is a holiday I grew up with and one that holds many dear memories to me. We always celebrated this holiday with the entire family and I remember feeling so excited and loved as a child. But it is also a harsh reminder that not everyone is still around to celebrate it with me this year. Especially my dad. He passed away before Charlotte was born and it hurt that he's not around to celebrate the holidays with us. But I do know I am very blessed that Charlotte is here and that I can share this holiday with her and make new memories with our little family. I love her so much and I'm so incredibly thankful fthat I am able to share this with her. 

Charlotte found a great viewing point on daddies shoulders. She got really excited about all the dancing and the music as the parade passed by. It was very crowded in the streets, but she handled the event like a pro. She even recieved candy from of the helpers. So she was just chilling and stuffing away her sweets. She had a great time, so that automatically means we all had a great time.

After standing outside in the cold for a while we decided to head indoors for a warm cup of coffee. There were alot of kids there, so it was impossible to keep Charlotte at our table. She went off playing with the other children and got treated to some spiced biscuits and candy by yet another helper. She got so excited about it that she ran back to our table to show us what she just got. 

Yes, she was really excited about getting candy from a stranger... we'll probably need to do something about that in the future. But not now, not yet. We're just enjoying the festivities and love being able to share this with our precious little angel. Do you have any special local traditions?

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