Charlotte's 18 month update!

Charlotte is 18 months old! She turned 18 months on her grandmother's birthday, so that made it extra special! Since I was at work most of the day Charlotte and grandma spent this day together and had a great time. They are so lovely together. I'm so lucky to call these two cool chicks family! :)

Weight & Height
Charlotte is now approximately 32 inches tall and weighs about 19 pounds. She wears a size 4 diaper and fits into the clothing size 12 - 18 months and shoe size 5. Right on schedule!

She has a vocabulary of about 20 - 25 words and is starting to form sentences. Communicating with her is getting easier by the day. She knows both Dutch and English words, since we speak both languages at home. She understands pretty much everything we say to her. Maybe not word by word, but she definitely understands the point we're trying to get across. She understands shapes and sounds and can name alot of objects, foods and animals. She's also a great runner!

Likes & Dislikes
She really likes to imitate people, especially mommy! She loves to walk around in my high heels, drag my handbags around the house (mommy likes this a little less, haha!), play with my make-up, pretend to make phone calls, clean the house and pretend to cook and make tea in her little play kitchen. So cute! She also loves to brush her hair, as you can see in the picture above! She also loves books, playing games on our Ipad, running, playing in her sandbox, being outdoors and eating raspberries!

She doesn't like being told no or being restrained in a carseat or chair. She really has a mind of her own and wants the freedom the roam around and explorer the surroundings. She doesn't really like men either, although there are a few exceptions. She definitely preffers women!

Her first sentences! She can now say a couple of them, but her first one was 'I wanna go outside'. She's really an outdoors kinda gal, so no suprises there! Besides that Charlotte also told her first lie! That was very unexpected, but I laughed so hard when it happened! We had a lunch date at a friend's house, but the food wasn't as nutritive as I would have liked. So on our way home I picked up some raspberries for the afternoon. I thought that we could share them, but Charlotte didn't agree! Every time I tried to take one out of the bowl, she gave me a dirty look and told me 'No, mom!'. By the time there were about five raspberries left I asked her if mommy could have one. She than looked at her bowl of raspberries, she looked at me, she shrugged and told me 'no left!'. That little stinky bum! I could see there were still some raspberries left and I know she could see that as well. She just didn't want to share them with me so she lied about it!

Obviously her getting sick and spending an entire week in the hospital was a pretty big scare! During her stay she had a moment where she was unresponsive and her heartbeat dropped to 30 beats a minute. That was horrible! But she underwent an EEG and ECG scan and her heart and brain didn't show any abnormal activity thank God! So that means things are slowly getting back to normal and there is no reason to catch up on the family vacation we had planned!

So there you have it! On to her 24 month update! Doesn't time go by so fast when they are at this age? Unbelievable!


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