Vacation Part Deux!

Since we had to postpone our vacation due to Charlotte's health scare, we had to wait a little longer for our much needed second break. But vacation was finally here! We spend a sweet little holiday in France, a holidaypark in Aisne called le lac d'ailette to be exact. I had lots of activities planned, such as seeing the Eiffel Tower and visiting Disneyland Paris, but since Charlotte was still recovering and we were all pretty exhausted from the whole experience. we decided to just have a chilled and laidback vacation instead. We hung out at the lake, went swimming, went for walks and went out to dinner. We stayed at the park most of the time and just did some light local sightseeing. It was absolutely fine though. We had to cutest little cottage and the park was absolutely gorgeous! Here are some of our favorite holiday shots!

I actually liked it so much there, that I'm seriously considering going back there next year. And maybe then we can actually go see the Eiffel Tower and visit Disneyland Paris. Who knows! :) Did you have a fun vacation? 


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