This is the first time that I'm blogging from my Iphone, so bare with me here! We were supposed to be vacationing in France at the moment, but as you can probably tell from the title of this post, that didn't happen. We're at the hospital instead, and we've been here since Tuesday night. 

Charlotte started to develop respiratory problems in the evening and it got so bad we couldn't control it at home. We rushed to the hospital and when we got there her oxygen level was already pretty low. This meant she needed extra oxygen and prednisone. Which already sucks big time, but unfortunately it didn't end there. She also stopped eating and drinking. Besides being able to breath properly, getting enough fluids in is also kind of a big deal. This meant they had to place a feeding tube in her tiny little nose. That isn't a fun procedure to begin with. But since our little Houdini managed to get a hold of the tube and rip it out of her nose, they had to do it twice!
The first few days were horrible. Charlotte was feeling so bad and exhausted that all she could do was sleep and scream. The tube feeding wasn't sitting well with her either, so during one night she woke up screaming and projectile vommited the entire bag of fluids all over herself and me. That was horrible to see! Yesterday and today were okay since she's fit enough to have some playtime here and there, eventhough she isn't well enough to go home yet unfortunately!  
Before she can go home she needs to get through a night without extra oxygen and she needs to incease her fluid intake. They are also planning to do a ECG scan, which also needs to turn out okay obviously. After spending five nights here, we've definitely seen enough of this place already. The staff has been super friendly and we're really thankful for everything they have done for us. But there really is no place like home. So please wish our little munschkin well!                                                       



  1. I'm sending hugs and happy thoughts your way. I really hope your little one starts to improve quickly. I'm so sorry to hear you all have been there that long. It's so scary having your little one sick, in the hospital. I hope she has a speedy recovery.


  2. Thank you Stephanie! :)