Fun With Helium!

We planned a babyshower this weekend for friends that are expecting their first child in a couple of weeks. We decided to decorate the location with some helium balloons, so we ordered a helium tank and some balloons a couple of weeks ago. We didn't end up using everything, so we still had some stuff left this afternoon. So... what were we to do? I mean, we weren't going to be mature about it and just safe it for another occasion, right? There's no fun in that! So we decided to use them as fly kites instead and have some fun in the sun with our little munchkin. We had a blast! So let me share some quick pictures of our Sunday afternoon!

I hope you all had wonderful weekend! Have a good week!

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  1. Great boots! I host a link up every Wednesday (now live!) and would love it if you stop by.