A Day at the Petting Zoo

Being a mom comes with alot of awsome perks. You get to go to Disneyland, you can get lost in the local ballpit and yes, you get to visit the petting zoo! Things you secretly loved to do anyway, but now you have an excuse to actually do those things without having people look at you like you're insane. So yeah, awesomeness! And getting to do those things with the coolest kid in the world makes it even better! On my days off I love to plan little activities like these for me and my daughter. It gives us some quality time together and I love see her learn and play.

 So a couple of days ago I decided to visit the local petting zoo and I just couldn't get over the fact how kind and considered she was towards the animals. She talked to them, petted them and even tried to give out a little kiss here and there. But she did know what she did and did not like and she set some clear boundries that afternoon. At one point she spoke firmly to an unsuspecting turkey that was just minding it's own business about 14 feet away from us. Charlotte pointed her little finger at the turkey and said 'No chicken, you can't eat my mommy!'. I had to do my best to keep myself from laughing, it was so adorable! Charlote seemed so serious, and the turkey so uninpressed. Haha! But I guess it's good that she got that out of the way first. You know... just to be safe! :) We ended up having a lovely afternoon together. Making and documenting memories to last a lifetime.

So what activities do you love to do with your little one(s)?

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  1. Tessa, you and your little girl seem to have such a wonderful time together.- I'm so happy you two enjoyed your time at the petting zoo. Isn't it just so nice the little perks we get as mother's?! Your pictures are absolutely lovely. I hope you two are having a nice week. And thank you for stopping by my blog and always being so kind. :)