Rediscovered & Repurposed- Hidden Treasure!

Yes, we've all been there. We all remember buying that cute little item on a whim that ended up in the back of a closet somewhere without ever being used. It's just something that happens every once in a while. You get seduced by a great deal, a cute color or a fun shopping trip you just don't want to end. And that's exactly what happened to me when I bought this little wallet over 5 years ago. In all honesty, I knew from the start this wasn't a very practical wallet. First of all it's way too small and it doesn't have a zipper compartment for coins. And I'm really a full blown wallet kind of girl anyway. But I convinced myself that I would get a coinpurse to go along with it and that it would do just fine. Yeah, right!

Now I picked up a new bag about two months ago and since it only has one big compartment, I was constantly struggling to find my keys. I decided I needed a big chuncky keychain. That's when I remembered this wallet and that I would actually love something like that as a keychain. So I took a nail and decided to heat it up with a lighter and poke a hole on one side of the wallet. I then collected a couple of keyrings and attached them to the wallet and voila! I had just the kind of keychain I was looking for! And yes, it did take this genius 5 years to come up with this briliant idea, haha! 

Now since it originally started off as a wallet, it comes with a couple of handy perks. It's a keychain with a couple of cardslots and a compartment to store those daily essentials in. It already has all my keys on it, but it can also hold my access card for work and some debet- or creditcards. Which is so handy when you just want to run out of the house for a quick errand. I got everthing I need in this little thing and I absolutely love it! It works so much better as a keychain than it ever could as a wallet!

So it got me wondering, could there be more hidden treasure awaiting a new goal in life? Could I turn that huge knitted sweater into a cool infinity scarf? Can I take those cute flower applications from my daughters headbands and turn them into cute broches for her blazers and jackets? Have you ever succesfully rediscovered and repurposed anything? I would love to hear your ideas!


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