5 Reasons Why You Should Sign Up For A Baby Swimming Class

Well, that is if you actually have aformentioned baby. If not, joining one of these classes could be considered a bit creepy. Just saying. You know, looking back on my first 16 months of being a parent, I really don't have many regrets. Obviously not everything has been perfect. But I tried my best making the best decisions I could, and thankfully they turned out pretty well in the end. There is only one thing I regret, and that's not enrolling into a baby swimming class sooner. I just started a couple of months ago, and looking at all these moms with their itty bitty babies made me feel like we missed out on something.

So if you are a new mom, I dearly recommend enrolling into one of these swimming classes as soon as you're ready! Obviously you need to be fit enough to participate in some mild phsycical activity, so you should be healed up nicely from your birth. Also your baby should be big enough to hold it's own tempature to avoid hymothermia. Our pool advices to start taking classes from 12 weeks and up. Most public swimming pools organize special baby swimming classes. The water is usually warmed up a bit more, they have extra changing tables set up around the pool area and they have a special swimming instructor teaching you and your baby to be comfortable in the water together in a fun, playfull way. There are a lot of benefits to starting these classes early, probably way more than I can think of! But here are five to get you started!

1. Fun! 
Well first of all, it's a lot of fun! There are a lot of other babies around which always seems to facinate the tiny ones. Babies and small children are automatically drawn to each other and it's so adorable to see them socialize. There are toys, games and alot of singing and playfulness. It's just a very fun activity to shake up your regular mommy and baby time.

2. Water safety!
Besides fun, these classes also teach you and your baby a lot about water safety. During these classes your baby will learn to be comfortable in the water and to not panic when he or she goes under for a second. It also teaches very basic survival skills, such as clinging onto floating objects. It is very important for all children at every age to have the basic survival skills in water. You never know when they could come in handy!

3. Exercise!
Let's face it, picking up our old exercise routine after giving birth can be pretty difficult. This is a fun and easy way to get some genlte exercise going and get you in the right direction. Plus, you are surrounded by new moms, so nobody is judging you on that extra babyweight you're carrying around. It is also a way of gently introducing exercise to your baby.

4. Bonding!
 Well, this one is a bit of a given really. Any activity will help you bound with your baby. Swimming together can be a great bonding experience as well and it can build alot of trust between parent and baby.

5. Development!
It is a great way of developing your baby's coordination and fine motor skills. Like jumping though a hole in a floating object or grabbing a small toy from the water. Plus, since your baby is getting used to being in the water from a young age,  there will be an advantage once it's time for real swimming lessons.

So there you have it! Five reasons why you should join a baby swimming class! Have you ever been to a baby swimming class or are you planning to anytime soon? I'd love to hear about your experience! 


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