Ten Month Update!

I can't believe my little baby is 10 months already! How did that happen? I find it pretty difficult to believe how fast things are going. I miss those first little baby months! But I am excited about the fact that I can now officially start planning her first birthday! I really want to make it special, so I have all the time to get inspired and order all those pretty items that will make it a day to remember! :) If you have any cute ideas, let me know!

Weight and Height
Charlotte has gotten so big! She now weights 17,5 pounds and is 28 inches tall. Such a big girl! She's still smaller than average, but she's doing really well!

Clothing Sizes
Charlotte is now wearing 9 to 12 month clothing and wears size 3 - 4 nappies. She's kind of in between sizes, both sizes fit her really well. I already purchased some 12 to 18 month clothing but it's definitely still too big for her. She'll probably fit into those around summer. But since these items were on sale the last couple of months it was definitely worth stocking up on them already!

At atound 9,5 months Charlotte started to completely refuse her bottle. We were so worried about this. Was she sick? Doesn't she need her formula? But according to our doctor she is absolutely fine! She just really has a will of her own and simply doesn't want to be bottlefed anymore. She wants to do things on her own and be a big girl. She is very strong-minded and simply won't do anything she doesn't want to do. She's going to be such a handfull! But it also means she is now fully weaned!

Charlotte is now standing all the time. She pulls herself up to everything and tries to get from one place to another. She's still now walking on her own though. She walks behind her walk trainer at home and the activity cart at the daycare centre. According to the daycare personnel she walks like an old lady behind a walking aid. I can see the resemblance! Haha! She also likes to crawl (like really proper crawling) and climb. She can wave goodbye, play peek-a-boo and has now discovered curtains. She loves to peek through closed curtains and look outside. Just this morning she was peeking through the curtains to observe out neighbor making his car ice free. That's just the little stalker baby she is! Haha! She's also experimenting with the sound of her voice alot. She screams, squeals, talks, laughs and so on!

That's it for today! Kisses!

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