7 Things I Learned During 7 Months Of Parenthood!

The tiny one has turned seven months this week! Eek! I decided this seven month mark would be a great moment to look back on the past seven months and reflect on my first months as a new mom. Here are some things I have learned about being a parent so far!

1. When People Tell You To Pee Under The Shower After You Give Birth, Do It!
Now I never really got this whole pee in the shower thing... until I gave birth myself. Apparently pee and stitches don't go together that well. And I had to learn it the hard way. So I sat there, trying to strangle the doorhandle and venting like an old sailor. It was a true Eureka moment. ALWAYS pee under the shower after giving birth!

2.Babies Don't Smell Like Johnson's Baby Oil!
No, they do not. A baby smells like pee, sour milk, drool and the occasional poopy diaper. You can rub baby oil on your baby all you want, but it won't change the fact that babies are true stinky bums!

3. You Will Pull A Peaces Geldoff!
Well, maybe not to that extend. Maybe you won't bounch your baby off the London pavement, but you will make mistakes. Even the ones you always claimed you would never make once you became a parent. You will forget to feed your baby, you will put a diaper on backwards and you might even let your baby roll off the couch. Luckily for us, babies are very resilient and they will probably be just fine.

4. Pacifiers Come In Different Sizes!
Who knew right? It took me 3 months to figure this one out. Apparently you're not supposed to stuff your tiny newborn with a pacifier that suits a 12 - 18 month old. Astonishing...

5. Moms Cut Their Hair For A Reason!
Ever noticed how a lot of new moms end up cutting their hair short? I always thought they did that because they're lazy and they just couldn't be bothered with maintaining their long manes anymore. Well, now I know. It pretty much comes down to two choices: you cut your hair shorted or you'll be bald. Babies really like to pull your hair out of your head and eat it.

6. Babies Don't Do Baby Farts!
No, they don't. They sound like a construction worker who just had burritos for lunch. You'd never expect a baby to make those kind of sounds, and neither do the people around you. So get ready for alot of awkward moments.

7. You Can Do This!
Yes, you will go completely zombie the first few months of your babies life... But things will get better! You adjust, you learn and before you know it you're an absolute pro at this whole parenting thing! And really, your baby doesn't know any better anyway. To her (or him) you are the best parent she (or he) know. Even on those days you arn't able to find a pair of matching baby socks... even if your life depended on it.



  1. Awhhhh, thanks for sharing. Love the honesty. Do you feel like the time past quickly? Seven months of an amazing adventure. Enjoy, get rest when possible and try to breathe deeply when all else seems not to work, lol :)Congrats again, she is a doll.

  2. Thank you so much for your sweet comment! And yes, it does feel like time went by so fast!

  3. I love this post! And yes, I bought the wrong sizes of pacis before. And I know that zombie feeling all too well. Visiting you back from Bloggy Moms!