What we're wearing this Christmas!

Yes, I know! I might be going a little bit Christmas crazy here. But I just can't help myself. I love Christmas! We decorated the Christmas tree, we planned our Christmas menu, so now it was time to pick out our Christmas outfits! I love them, but unfortunately we won't be color-coordinated this Christmas. I was so focused on Charlotte's outfit, that I paid no attention at all to the fact that I can´t wear red! It makes me look like something that crawled out of a vampire movie. But anyways, this is what we're wearing this Christmas!

Charlotte's outfit

Charlotte's is wearing a checked dress by Burberry, a red cardigan by H&M, a red headband by Claire's and red tights that I got from some local store. I bought all these items separately, but luckily it´s all practically the same shade of red. Phew!!

The red cardigan has a cute ruffle detail and has one big sparkly button. It does run a bit big though. I got Charlotte a size 6 to 9 months and it fits like a glove!

The headband isn't new. I bought this at Claire's a couple of months ago and I figured it would come in handy for Christmas, eventhough I had no idea what her Christmas outfit would look like. 

My outfit

My entire outfit is by Vila, as usual! It's a Danish brand I believe, so you can't get it everywhere. But for who's interested, you can purchase their clothing online at http://www.asos.com. My outfit consists of a simple pair of black pants, a black and white top and a flowy gray cardigan. The shoes, handbag and earrings I already owned. The black leather high-heeled booties are by a brand called Zign, the black and brown handbag is by Calvin Klein and I don't remember where the earrings are from. Sorry! It's quite casual for the holidays, but with a little baby running around putting on something fancy is really the last thing on my mind!

The top has a black and white baroque print. I thought that would be very suitable for the holidays for some reason. It's a very soft sheer fabric. Very comfortable! The gray cardigan has glittery thread at the ends which makes it a bit more festive. 

My charcoal earrings. They are definitely one of my favorites! They are a bit ruffed up because I have been wearing them for years, but I still love them. I probably should start looking for a pair of earrings to replace them with. Well, that's what we are wearing this Christmas. Do you have your Christmas outfit picked out yet?



  1. Reading your posts reminded me that we still haven't picked out our Christmas outfits yet. We definitely need to speed things up. I love the outfits you've picked - you have such great taste.

  2. Thank you! I'm curious to see what you'll pick out! I love your baby ootds!