Snail Trail!

This is how I found Charlotte's crib this morning. It looks like she had company from a snail on steroids last night. There are trails everywhere! But no, this wasn't the work of a snail. This is the work of a baby with a cold. Yes.... snot!

Poor baby, there is so much snot her pacifier is pretty much glued to her face. And as you can see, that's a very sad thing! :(

We've all been feeling a bit under the weather the last few days. The temperature has been dropping quite rapidly and it's so rainy! Summer is finally coming to an end. It caught me of guard somehow. It's been nice for such a long time now, I kind of got the impression summer was going to last forever. But all good things must come to an end I guess.

Luckily for me my new winter coat arrived in the mail yesterday! Yay! I absolutely love it. And eventhough I'm not a winter person, I do look forward to wearing it! It's a navy trenchcoat by Vila that buttons up to the chin. I'm not a fan of wearing bulky winter scarfs, so with this coat I can put off wearing winter scarfs until I absolutely have to.

The winter gear I got for Charlotte is also super cute! This fuzzy little A-line trench was a gift from my mom, and I picked up these cute mittens and alpino hat from H&M to go along with it. She's going to be such a cute little winter bunny!

So we just have to get through this nasty transition weather, and we'll be just fine in our new warm winter stuff!

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